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Issue 12, January 25, 2019

Aragon Monthly is created by the Community, for the Community.

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Governance of Blockchain Ecosystems Aragon Q4 Development Update Aragon Wants You!
Governance Aragon Aragon
Author MintBit on Jan 16 Authors Brett Sun and Tatu Kärki on Jan 10 Author Alison Berreman on Jan 10
When is decentralised Governance feasible? When is it inevitable? Invisible rules govern our everyday lives. You don’t walk on the road because the consequences (being run over by a car) don’t outweigh the benefits (more room for pedestrians). ‘Bad’ behaviour is disincentivised (fines, horrible death), even as compliant ‘good’ behaviour might be moderately annoying (trailing people competing for slowest walking pace). The progress of development from the fourth quarter of 2018. The fourth quarter of 2018, spanning the months of October to December, was all about shipping, iterating, and then more shipping. The period also coincided with many breakthroughs on our research, from scalable on-chain voting to a crystallization of the first version of the Aragon Network. Aragon Wants You! (To Help Decentralize Its Governance Process) Aragon wants to offer a neutral, decentralized digital jurisdiction for DAOs. As it stands, it appears plenty of folks are hungry to build organizations on Aragon’s stack, but there is less interest in participating in the governance of the network. If decentralization is to be achieved, that needs to change.
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Resources for Decentralised Organising DAO & The Future of Content How Open is Too Open?
Governance DAOs Governance
Author Richard D. Bartlett on Jan 10 Author Alexandre Rouxel on Jan 09 Author Lane Rettig on Dec 30
Resources for decentralised organising. I recently asked on Twitter and on a mailing list for examples of decentralised organisations that have a public, transparent, well-documented handbook that explains how they work (e.g. decision making, roles, communications tools, etc). The response was overwhelming so I’ve digested it into this page. Thinking about contents as DAOs. The DAO landscape is going through a cambrian-explosion era. Most of the time, we think of DAOs as organizations such as companies, associations, cooperatives but less frequently as contents such as video-games, books, software or songs. On transparency, governance, and the challenge of keeping Ethereum alive. A political storm is brewing in Ethereum over the question of transparency. How are decisions about the protocol made? Who is responsible for those decisions? What obligation do those decision makers have to be transparent about the processes that go into that decision making, and how much of that process needs to be transparent?
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Author You! on Dec 01
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Developer Relations opening at Aragon

Aragon is an open source, decentralized project fighting for the freedom to organize. We believe that decentralized organizations can solve the world's worst problems.We're looking for a Developer Relations to help third party developers create apps on top of the Aragon dapp and aragonOS. Our Dev Rels must be someone passionate in helping others understand technical subjects through technical writing, networking and educating people. That means that our ideal Dev Rels is not only a legit developer but also an Aragon Technical Evangelist.
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Frontend Developer opening at Aragon

Aragon is an open source, decentralized project fighting for the freedom to organize. We believe that decentralized organizations can solve the world's worst problems. We're looking for a Frontend Developer to work with us on the Aragon Labs, Aragon Core app, and aragonOS. Our Frontend Developer must not only be a frontend and web3 wizard but also a nonconformist. That means that our ideal candidate is not only a respected engineer but also a decentralization advocate.
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Senior Solidity/EVM/Ethereum opening at Aragon

We are looking for an Ethereum wizard to work with us on Aragon Core and the upcoming Aragon Network.
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