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Aragon Monthly

The community curated digital newspaper about DAOs and the Aragon ecosystem

Issue 01, February 2nd 2018

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Recent News

We are proud to announce the start of P2P Models Introducing aragonOS 3.0 alpha Launch of Aragon Nest
DAOs Aragon Aragon
Author unknown on Jan 31 Author Jorge Izquierdo on Jan 25 Author Tatu Kärki on Jan 24
P2P Models is a €1.5M 5-year ERC research project to build decentralized, democratic, and sustainable Collaborative Economy organizations. The Collaborative Economy is rapidly expanding, but it is dominated by centralized web platforms which hold user data and concentrate all decision-making power and profits. The idea of the P2P Models project is to tackle these issues, replacing the centralized web platform with DAOs on the blockchain, so we reduce the difference of power between the "infrastructure owner" and the user community. The new operating system for protocols and DApps. aragonOS is smart contract development framework with a very strong focus on governance and upgradeability. This architecture can be used by any complex DApp or protocol and it allows extendability with the ability to plug in any Aragon governance module. It was originally designed to build modular DAOs, but we ended up abstracting it more and more to the point where it would be useful as the fundamental building block of any decentralized project. Grants program is open for submissions. At the end of 2017 we presented Aragon Nest to the community and encouraged people to start coming up with ideas for the launch.In that blog post, Introducing Aragon Nest, we outlined the reasons and goals of the program.Now the time has come to launch the program. Submissions are now open for teams to request funding as well as come up with proposals for grants.
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An Introduction to district0x Aragon Q4 Transparency Report Decentraland Project Updates — January 31st
district0x Aragon Ecosystem
Author Matt Breen on Jan 24 Author Tatu Kärki on Jan 17 Author Eric Schallock on Feb 1
district0x is a network of decentralized markets and communities. When it comes to (hopefully more successful) platforms enabling the creation and running of decentralised organisations, few can match district0x. Its team have a vision of a digital realm free of the traditional governance structures that we’ve become so accustomed to, and are well on their way to releasing a polished framework to create and run blockchain-based businesses. A recap of what has been going on with Aragon during Q4 2017 As per our Transparency Model, we do quarterly Transparency Reports of our use of funds and about the overall progress of the project. News and updates from the Decentraland project. We’ve launched our developer CLI! We recently released our first development tool. LAND Deployment. Now that the Terraform Event has concluded, we’ve completed the process of distributing all LAND to auction participants. New Docs. Finally, we’d like to share with you some new documentation for Decentraland.
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Recent Articles

TCRs - The Curation Protocol That Separates the Wheat from the Chaff

Opinion pieces
Author Aaron Foster / @Shyblugs
On the internet, as on the street, reputation is everything. Whether your digital identity comprises a mugshot or a 256 bit hexadecimal address, validation and verification are still a requisite. Even on the decentralized, pseudonymous web, in which real world identities are optional, reputation still counts. The web 3.0 isn’t about concealing everyone under a cloak of invisibility; rather it’s about giving individuals the right to privacy. The freedom to choose which data they disclose to which platforms, rather than having it hoovered up by every app they install and website they join, to be stored in centralized silos that are a honeypot to hackers.
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How can Aragon create a fairer world?

Opinion pieces
Author Zurpples / @Zurpples
Suddenly it’s 2020. We gaze over a border station across the DMZ. This is a land that was thought to be beyond law or justice. Now (due to tokenization and the Aragon blockchain) things are looking up. A new hotel gleams in the distance of a new city where North and South are collaborating. The entire map of the city (and who did what) is stored securely in the blockchain, crypto is the currency of the region, and people trying to get rich off of exploitation are quickly found out.
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Recent Classifieds

Developer Relations opening at Aragon

We are looking for a developer relations to help third party developers create apps on top of the Aragon DApp and aragonOS.
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Head of Communications at Web3 Foundation

Our Head of Communications will help Web3 establish a profile by which to attract the best strategic, educational, and academic partners, and give prominence to the ideas they champion.
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