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An editorial is an article written either by the editorial staff of the newspaper or by a contributor. It can be any written document, for example a technical specification documentation or a letter to the public.

The district0x network in a nutshell

Author Brady McKenna / @bradymck
The district0x project is building a general purpose framework of smart contracts and front end libraries for the purpose of deploying, operating, and governing communal marketplaces. The network is powered by Ethereum smart contracts, ‘Aragon’ governance and the distributed file system ‘IPFS’. The community has asked for a simple breakdown of the district0x network and the following post is based on this community feedback. Let’s dive in…
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Opinion pieces

An opinion piece is an article that mainly reflects the author's opinion about the subject. Opinion pieces in the newspaper are often written by a subject-matter expert, a person with a unique perspective on an issue.

TCRs - The Curation Protocol That Separates the Wheat from the Chaff

Opinion pieces
Author Aaron Foster / @Shyblugs
On the internet, as on the street, reputation is everything. Whether your digital identity comprises a mugshot or a 256 bit hexadecimal address, validation and verification are still a requisite. Even on the decentralized, pseudonymous web, in which real world identities are optional, reputation still counts. The web 3.0 isn’t about concealing everyone under a cloak of invisibility; rather it’s about giving individuals the right to privacy. The freedom to choose which data they disclose to which platforms, rather than having it hoovered up by every app they install and website they join, to be stored in centralized silos that are a honeypot to hackers.
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How can Aragon create a fairer world?

Opinion pieces
Author Zurpples / @Zurpples
Suddenly it’s 2020. We gaze over a border station across the DMZ. This is a land that was thought to be beyond law or justice. Now (due to tokenization and the Aragon blockchain) things are looking up. A new hotel gleams in the distance of a new city where North and South are collaborating. The entire map of the city (and who did what) is stored securely in the blockchain, crypto is the currency of the region, and people trying to get rich off of exploitation are quickly found out.
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Thoughts On Governance and Network Effects

Opinion pieces
Author Luke Duncan / @lkngtn
This post discusses governance and its impact on network effects and why both relate to how value flows and is captured within tokenized blockchain networks.
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A column is a recurring piece or article in the newspaper where a writer expresses their own opinion in few columns allotted to them by the newspaper organisation.

Columns are written by columnists who are dedicated to contribute quality content for an extended time, usually on the same subject area or theme each time – that typically contains the author's opinion or point of view.

Looking for interested contributors

Author You! on Jan 17
Want to start a regular column on Aragon Monthly?
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