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Explanation of DAICOs

Author Vitalik Buterin on Jan 6
Vitalik Buterin posts a new idea about DAICOs. The idea is as follows. A DAICO contract is published by a single development team that wishes to raise funds for a project. The DAICO contract starts off in “contribution mode”, specifying a mechanism by which anyone can contribute ETH to the contract, and get tokens in exchange. This could be a capped sale, an uncapped sale, a dutch auction, an interactive coin offering, a KYC’d sale with dynamic per-person caps, or whatever other mechanism the team chooses. Once the contribution period ends, the ability to contribute ETH stops, and the initial token balances are set; from there on the tokens can become tradeable.
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Notes on Blockchain Governance We are proud to announce the start of P2P Models
Author Vitalik Buterin on Dec 17 Author unknown on Jan 31
In which I argue that “tightly coupled” on-chain voting is overrated, the status quo of “informal governance” as practiced by Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Zcash and similar systems is much less bad than commonly thought, that people who think that the purpose of blockchains is to completely expunge soft mushy human intuitions and feelings in favor of completely algorithmic governance (emphasis on “completely”) are absolutely crazy, and loosely coupled voting as done by Carbonvotes and similar systems is underrated, as well as describe what framework should be used when thinking about blockchain governance in the first place. P2P Models is a €1.5M 5-year ERC research project to build decentralized, democratic, and sustainable Collaborative Economy organizations. The Collaborative Economy is rapidly expanding, but it is dominated by centralized web platforms which hold user data and concentrate all decision-making power and profits. The idea of the P2P Models project is to tackle these issues, replacing the centralized web platform with DAOs on the blockchain, so we reduce the difference of power between the "infrastructure owner" and the user community.
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