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An Introduction to district0x

Author Matt Breen on Jan 24
district0x is a network of decentralized markets and communities. When it comes to (hopefully more successful) platforms enabling the creation and running of decentralised organisations, few can match district0x. Its team have a vision of a digital realm free of the traditional governance structures that we’ve become so accustomed to, and are well on their way to releasing a polished framework to create and run blockchain-based businesses.
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District Proposal Spotlight —The Bloom Lending District Keeps on the district0x Network
district0x district0x
Author P.J. Leimgruber on Jan 1 Author Alexander Khoriaty on Jan 4
A fully decentralized peer-to-peer lending marketplace. district0x is thrilled to announce our partnership with Bloom to create a fully decentralized lending marketplace, the Bloom Lending District. This district will offer a standardized, transparent, peer-to-peer method for requesting and funding loans, allowing anyone with access to the internet to lend and borrow funds free of central influence. There will be no middlemen, no fees, no cross border limitations, and no constraints and will not require access to the traditional financial system — truly unleashing the power of Ethereum. Bringing private data to user-governed marketplaces. At district0x, we have thus far largely avoided this issue by building marketplaces which rely mostly on already public cryptographic data (Name Bazaar), or relatively static information users are already comfortable making public (like freelancer or employer profiles on Ethlance). Where we’ve had to protect private data for supporting services within districts, we’ve done so with purpose-built solutions.
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