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Auctus to leverage Aragon to become a truly decentralized platform Decentraland Project Updates — January 31st
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Author Ludmila Lopes on Jan 10 Author Eric Schallock on Feb 1
Auctus announces their plans to use and integrate with Aragon. By deploying Auctus on the Aragon Network, it will be possible to protect Auctus and it’s community from any intermediary trying to abuse its power. Furthermore, it will avoid misunderstandings between agents, keeping full record of all decision making and financial decisions. It will also allow Auctus to become truly community driven, increasing the number of stakeholders, as well as decentralizing decision making and operational processes. News and updates from the Decentraland project. We’ve launched our developer CLI! We recently released our first development tool. LAND Deployment. Now that the Terraform Event has concluded, we’ve completed the process of distributing all LAND to auction participants. New Docs. Finally, we’d like to share with you some new documentation for Decentraland.
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