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Issue 04, May 30th 2018

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DAOs and the Future of Work 2044 a world governed by DAOs Polkadot's Plan for Governing a Blockchain of Blockchains
DAOs DAOs Governance
Author David Passiak on Mar 28 Author Yermo on Mar 27 Author Rachel Rose O'Leary on Mar 22
There is a lot of talk about the threat of automation. AI and robots are coming to take our jobs. Corporations and the government are taking control of our lives. This creates a scarcity mindset of “us versus them,” leading us to ask, How am I going to protect myself? Will I be one of the few people left when machines take over? A decentralized autonomous organization, or simply DAO, is a company or organization whose decisions are made electronically by means of a written computer code or by the vote of its members. In essence, it is a system of coded rules that define what actions an organization will take. Who has the authority to change a public blockchain? It's a question that has been in the minds of top cryptocurrency developers as the many available networks struggle to serve their diverse, often conflicting stakeholders. But that's not to say there aren't norms and best practices – the ability to make and enforce software changes is generally split between the developers that write the code and the computers, or nodes, that install it.
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SportsDAO MachineLabs goes open source DAICO Attack Vectors and Solutions
Author Ryan Zurrer on Mar 22 Author MachineLabs on Mar 21 Author Andras Kristof on Mar 12
A self-governing, meritocratic, decentralized autonomous organization that leverages the wisdom of the crowd and cryptoeconomic incentives to improve the decisions of a sports franchise. We started MachineLabs with the main goal to provide the community better tools to get started with Machine Learning. Everyone should be able to immediately start writing Machine Learning code without ever having to worry about setting up a complicated software stack themselves. Vitalik’s DAICO idea was badly needed. It’s really good to see the right message propagated from the top. If I were to describe blockchains in one word, it would be “blockchains make things more accountable”. If I were allowed only a single word, it would be “accountability”. The fact that ICOs don’t do everything they can to keep themselves accountable is a disgrace to the technology and community. So Vitalik highlighting the issue and proposing a solution is very important.
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Author You! on Feb 17
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Web3 Developer Opening at Aragon

Aragon is an open source, decentralized project fighting for the freedom to organize. We believe that decentralized organizations can solve the world’s worst problems. We’re looking for a Web3 Developer to help us bridge smart contracts to a frontend. Internally, we call this position "Glue". Our Web3 Developer is ideally not only a Javascript expert but also a decentralization evangelist—someone who enjoys researching and testing new Web3 technologies.
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The Colony Hackathon

We're incredibly excited to announce the global Colony Hackathon! $25k in DAI to be won! In partnership with MakerDAO Gitcoin and Blockgeeks, and 16 amazing judges!
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