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Aragon Monthly

The community curated digital newspaper about DAOs, governance and the Aragon ecosystem

Issue 07, August 24th 2018

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Anyone can contribute by creating or requesting new content regarding Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, governance or about anything related to the Aragon ecosystem.

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Community Aggregation Theory On Signaling and Social Pressure Dad and DAO
Governance Governance DAOs
Author Luke Duncan on Jul 3 Author Luke Duncan on Jul 10 Author Arpit Agarwal on Jul 11
Exploring how the valuation models fail to account for protocol commoditization How the inverse relationship that arises between token price and protocol utility shows a fundamental misalignment between the interests of investors and consumers. In the context of decentralized blockchain networks which are easily forked, the social pressure on decision makers is amplified due the relative ease with which neglected stakeholders can coordinate an exit. In this article, Luke proposes the idea of Signaling DAOs as a way for stakeholder groups to self organize and produce clear signals. In this article the author briefly discusses regulations; and the pros and cons of DAOs with some reflections from his father, a chartered accountant.
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Manifesto-based organizations Deploying and distributing Aragon Core Join Aragon One
Governance Aragon Aragon
Author Luis Cuende on Jul 25 Author Jorge Izquierdo on Jul 26 Author Jorge Izquierdo on Aug 1
In the ideal world, every organization has a manifesto with its mission and values. Those values could be ranked, just like in the Aragon Manifesto. I doubt most founders of those organizations had evil goals in mind. If anything, they were negligent not to set incentives and values to avoid evil... How to deploy and distribute a censorship-resistant upgradeable dApp In this post we explore the process of how Aragon Core and the different apps the Aragon team has built so far (Voting, Token Manager, etc.) get deployed and how we make them available to users regardless of their skill level. Find out what Aragon One is working on, the positions we are currently hiring for and our community referral program. Aragon One is one of the development teams working on Aragon. It is part of the plan to decentralize Aragon’s development and governance.
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Looking for interested contributors

Author You! on Feb 17
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Recent Classifieds

Senior software dev/architect at P2P Models

P2P Models is a 5-year (2018-2022) EU-funded (1.5M€) project around blockchain and the commons, which will be based at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain). More in this thread. We are looking for a Senior Software Developer/Architect to lead the development of a blockchain-based framework to build collaborative Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. This role involves to establish the architectural foundations and develop a software framework to build modular components of DAOs, with a focus on supporting collaboration and communities.
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Project Manager / Communication Manager at P2P Models

P2P Models. P2P Models aim is to build decentralized, democratic & sustainable Collaborative Economy organizations, aided by blockchain technologies. More in this thread. We are looking for a (Research) Project Manager / Communication Manager for an interdisciplinary research project around blockchain and P2P communities. This role involves the day-to-day and ongoing operations for the project and the facilitation of the project social impact.
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Web3 Developer Opening at Aragon

Aragon is an open source, decentralized project fighting for the freedom to organize. We believe that decentralized organizations can solve the world’s worst problems. We’re looking for a Web3 Developer to help us bridge smart contracts to a frontend. Internally, we call this position "Glue". Our Web3 Developer is ideally not only a Javascript expert but also a decentralization evangelist—someone who enjoys researching and testing new Web3 technologies.
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