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Community Aggregation Theory On Signaling and Social Pressure Manifesto-based organizations
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Author Luke Duncan on Jul 3 Author Luke Duncan on Jul 10 Author Luis Cuende on Jul 25
Exploring how the valuation models fail to account for protocol commoditization How the inverse relationship that arises between token price and protocol utility shows a fundamental misalignment between the interests of investors and consumers. In the context of decentralized blockchain networks which are easily forked, the social pressure on decision makers is amplified due the relative ease with which neglected stakeholders can coordinate an exit. In this article, Luke proposes the idea of Signaling DAOs as a way for stakeholder groups to self organize and produce clear signals. In the ideal world, every organization has a manifesto with its mission and values. Those values could be ranked, just like in the Aragon Manifesto. I doubt most founders of those organizations had evil goals in mind. If anything, they were negligent not to set incentives and values to avoid evil...
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