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Aragon Monthly

The community curated digital newspaper about DAOs, governance and the Aragon ecosystem

Issue 09, November 16th 2018

Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest.

Aragon Monthly is created by the community, for the community.

Anyone can contribute by creating or requesting new content regarding Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, governance or about anything related to the Aragon ecosystem.

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Recent News

Building a decentralized OS Why We Need Web 3.0 Nest Team Interviews: Pando
Aragon Governance Aragon
Author Luis Cuende on Sept 7 Author Gavin Wood on Sept 12 Author Tatu Karki on Sept 13
How we built an Ethereum operating system that is upgradeable, secure and easy to use. For users, Aragon Core is the easiest way to create unstoppable organizations. The UI abstracts away technical details, and lets the user focus on what matters. Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood on why today’s internet is broken — and how we can do better next time around The second of our Aragon Nest Team Interviews is with Pando who are also working on an open source incentivization app. With this series, we want to bring forth the teams that have received a grant and funding from the Aragon Nest grants program. Pando, when complete, will be a big step towards decentralization of development for all.
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Using APM to replace NPM Community Update #1 Blockchain Governance 101
Aragon Aragon Governance
Author Luis Cuende on Sept 18 Author John Light on Sept 26 Author Vlad Zamfir on Sept 29
APM stands for Aragon Package Manager. The summary is that APM is a decentralized package manager. APM handles the upgradability of smart contracts as well as arbitrary data blobs. Welcome to the first Aragon community update! We’ve had a lot going on in the foreground and background of the community since I first joined as Community Lead last year and I’m excited to share some of what we’ve been up to. There’s a lot of confusion about blockchain governance. Many participants and potential participants inside and outside the blockchain space fail to effectively participate in blockchain governance. I hope that this situation will improve with more public understanding of the basics of blockchain governance, the possible governance outcomes, and how they can most effectively participate in blockchain governance.
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Recent Articles

ICOs are for fraud, DAOs are for function

Opinion pieces
Author C.E. Davis III / @csggene3
The last two years have seen a precipitous rise and fall in the both the price of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum amongst many new others branded as ICOs (or initial coin offerings) as well as a general awareness of their existence and the broader underlying ecosystems that accompany them. Many this year are quite upset with their purchases from last year due to the steep drop off in associated prices. The perception is that software developers created simple tokens on the various issuing blockchains (like Ethereum, NEO, Cardano, Ethereum Classic, etc) that served little more purpose than to act as a form of quick and dirty security issuance, or "penny stock," with little oversight or regulation, and then cashed out large groups of shares for themselves, ostensibly to fund future software development of their projects, but truthfully or more likely to enrich themselves greatly with no intention or obligation for their promises to the public or their own investors to be kept. There are hundreds of similar projects like these with similar accusations against their progenitors and "developers," or dismissed as " honest failures due to diminished market conditions," yet these types of blatant excuses fall on the deaf ears of the thousands that lost out and the many other honest developers that knew better.
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Recent Classifieds

Announcing AraCon — The Aragon Conference

Today we’re announcing the first Aragon Conference — AraCon. The Aragon Conference will bring together people who embody and wish to shape the Aragon community. Those who are building and supporting the pseudonymous, secure, trustless future — the decentralized web.
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AraCon scholarship applications are now open!

Excited to come to AraCon, but don't have the financial resources? Our vision for this conference is to gather Aragon’s global community together. Therefore we want everyone who's super interested in joining the event to be able to attend. The scholarship recipients will get a conference ticket, round trip flights and accommodation for the duration of the conference. Everyone is welcome to apply!
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Documentation Technical Writer opening at Aragon

Aragon is an open source, decentralized project fighting for the freedom to organize. We believe that decentralized organizations can solve the world's worst problems. We’re looking for a Technical Writer to help us communicate the different moving parts of Aragon Core and Dev Tools to facilitate the development of the Ethereum community. Our Technical Writer will be the bridge between Aragon engineers and external developers, as well as the reference to support the growth of the Ethereum community through better documentation.
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