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Blockchain Governance Reading List

Author Spencer Noon on Apr 19
Governance is a topic that is misunderstood by both investors and makers in the space, and for those who understand it, there are still the questions of (1) what is good governance and (2) how do you properly value it.
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Working in Decentralized Environments The Decentralized Org Structure Analysis of Chainlink
Governance Governance Governance
Author ConsenSys College Consortium on Sept 4 Author ConsenSys College Consortium on Sept 4 Author Jonny Huxtavke on Sept 4
One of the great promises of blockchain and ethereum is decentralisation. From a technical perspective, this ensures that we do not have a single point of failure, facilitate open community development and higher reliability. In my first month as an intern at ConsenSys, it has become clear to me that the structure of the company closely resembles that of a blockchain system, which is coincidental because that’s what we’re all working so hard to build and grow here. In this article, I’m going to be deep diving into Chainlink. From giving the problem it’s aiming to solve; the solution they’re currently developing for that problem and my own deep-dive into the technology they’ve built so far.
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Thoughts on Liberal Radicalism Why We Need Web 3.0 Blockchain Governance 101
Governance Governance Governance
Author Luke Duncan on Sept 6 Author Gavin Wood on Sept 12 Author Vlad Zamfir on Sept 29
In their new paper Vitalik Buterin, Zoe Hitzig, and E. Glen Weyl propose a mechanism for a more efficient allocation of resources towards public goods. The mechanism, called Liberal Radical (LR), seeks to create “formal rules for a society neutral among communities”. Which essentially means a way for a society to deploy collective resources towards public goods while remaining neutral with regard to its constituents often competing preferences. Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood on why today’s internet is broken — and how we can do better next time around There’s a lot of confusion about blockchain governance. Many participants and potential participants inside and outside the blockchain space fail to effectively participate in blockchain governance. I hope that this situation will improve with more public understanding of the basics of blockchain governance, the possible governance outcomes, and how they can most effectively participate in blockchain governance.
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