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Guide for submitting a new Issue

  • Check existing Issues in the aragon-monthly GitHub repository to make sure that there already isn't an existing Issue for your request
  • Fill out the request with all the relevant information following the new Issue template
  • Submit the new Issue and participate in the discussion on that Issue

Here's a breakdown of what you should include in your request for new content

Request category:

Article / Column / News

This will tell the community what kind of content you wish to see published in the newspaper
Choose the category you wish to request content for
One request per Issue, if you want to request more content than one Article / Column / News item, create a separate Issue

Content type:

Opinion Piece / Editorial / Column

This only applies to requests for Articles
Which style should the article be submitted as

Description of the requested content

I would like to read an article about DAOS

You should provide a detailed description of what you want to see so that the person creating the content has as much information available to them as possible

Additional information

Minimum 500 words, maximum 1500 words

For information that should be taken into consideration when creating the requested content


By the end of the month, in time for Aragon Monthly issue #X

This can be set to a date or as a general deadline to have the content ready by the publishing of the next issue of the newspaper. If you think the content will be long or takes more time to review, you should set an earlier date so Reviewers have adequate time to review and it won't delay the publishing of the newspaper issue

  • [x] I would like to have a bounty on this Issue that I will fund myself

Add this if you wish to fund a bounty for the Issue yourself