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Guide for submitting a new Pull Request

  • Check existing Pull Requests in the aragon-monthly GitHub repository to make sure that there isn't already an existing Pull Request for your content
    • All Pull Requests need to always have the Closes #X so you can check if someone has submitted a Pull Request for a specific Issue by looking at the entries in the that Issue
  • Fill out the Pull Request with all the relevant information following the new Pull Request template
  • Submit the new Pull Request and participate in the discussion on that PR

See the following guides for further details on submissions:

Here's a breakdown of what you should include in your submission for new content

Closing of a referenced Issue

Closes #X

A Pull Request should always have an accompanying Issue that the submission closes once successfully merged into the master branch
The #X is the number given to a Issue in GitHub that the PR references to

Content category

Article / Column / News / Classified

Describe which category this Pull Request will belong to
The category should be the same as the Issue this PR is referencing to

Content type:

Opinion Piece / Editorial / Column / Classified / N/A

Describe which type of content this Pull Request will provide
The type should be the same as the Issue this PR is referencing to


Name of your article, column or news entry

For Articles this should be the title you've created for the content you are providing
For Columns this should be two parts, the title of the column and the title of the entry in that column
For News this should be the title of the news post/article/item


This is a great article i wrote about DAOs. It is 999 words long opinion piece where I outline my thoughts on why DAOs are so great.

A detailed description of your content