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Aragon Wants You! Aragon Q4 Development Update
Aragon Aragon
Author Alison Berreman on Jan 10 Authors Brett Sun and Tatu Kärki on Jan 10
Aragon Wants You! (To Help Decentralize Its Governance Process) Aragon wants to offer a neutral, decentralized digital jurisdiction for DAOs. As it stands, it appears plenty of folks are hungry to build organizations on Aragon’s stack, but there is less interest in participating in the governance of the network. If decentralization is to be achieved, that needs to change. The progress of development from the fourth quarter of 2018. The fourth quarter of 2018, spanning the months of October to December, was all about shipping, iterating, and then more shipping. The period also coincided with many breakthroughs on our research, from scalable on-chain voting to a crystallization of the first version of the Aragon Network.
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